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Slapjack — This is a variation of the blackjack.

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Kubotan — a short, thin, lightweight club often used by law enforcement officers, generally to apply pressure against selected points of the body in order to encourage compliance without inflicting injury. Baseball, cricket and T-ball bats — The baseball bat is often used as an improvised weapon, much like the pickaxe handle.

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Any of various sorts of blunt instrument such as bludgeontruncheon or the like. Nunchaku also called nunchucks — an Asian weapon consisting of two clubs, connected by a short rope, thong or chain, and usually used with one club in hand and the other swung as a flail weapon.

In developing countries, where manual labor is still prevalent, it is pervasive. The head, or knob, is often ornately carved with faces or shapes that have symbolic meaning. The name has been extended to similar weapons used by the natives of Australia, the Pacific islands and other places. The designed use of the mere for forward striking thrusts is an unusual characteristic of Maori patu, whereas in other parts of the world, clubs are generally wielded with an ax-like downward blow.

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Another more modern variation of this kind of war club is the combat skill of bayonet usage. Though not specifically classified as a weapon, it is often carried for self-defense by security guards, bouncers and civilians, especially in countries where carrying weapons is restricted. There are two types; the stone ball clubs that were used mostly by early Plains, Plateau and Southwest Native Indians and the wooden ball clubs that the Huron and Iroquois tribes used.

A sap is a flat, beavertail-shaped slapper that is weighted with lead on the widest end. In countries where baseball is not commonly played, baseball bats are often first thought of as weapons e.

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First used by the Samurai. On the list of approved weapons still used by some sheriff's deputies are hard-leather saps reminiscent of ones carried by the tough-talking detectives in s films.

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Eventually, the jutte also came to be considered a symbol of official status. Pickaxe handle — Pickaxes were common tools in the United States in the early 20th century, and replacement handles were widely available. Regardless, the gunstock is an essential part of firearms, but it was stylized as a war club made famous by the American Indians as the gunstock war club.

Gunstock war club — The wooden stocks of firearms introduced during the European colonization of the Americas were reportedly re-used by First Nations as improvised weapons; other sources claim that the club was an indigenous weapon before European contact, and acquired the term gunstock from the similarity of its shape. The word knobkierrie derives from the Dutch knop knob or buttonand the Bushman and Hottentot kerrie or kirri stick ; in the Zulu language it was called the iwisa.

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Available in convenient sizes to fit your needs. Very intimidating and very effective with lots of stopping power. Strong and heavy, they make a formidable club and have often been used as club weapons.

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This causes the parts to extend from the handle into a baton seventeen inches long. Shillelaghs have traditionally been made from oak, holly, or more famously blackthorn. The round ones were also commonly known as billies, billy clubs, billie jacks, blackjacks, es casino alaior telefono, and the flat ones are also casino el manial slappers, slap stick, slapjacks, slap jacks, sap, sapper, beavertail sap basically because of it's unique shape.

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When it's close combat at ultra short range and lethal force is not appropriate, the sap gets downright gorgeous in its ability to resolve conflict. Thus, feudal Japanese police used the jutte to disarm and arrest subjects without serious bloodshed.

The knobkierrie itself serves this function in the crest of the coat of Arms of South Africa.

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For other types see Baton law enforcement. The cudgel is also known as the singlestick. The mace is often confused with the spiked morning star.

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Whether made as a club, a walking stick, or a combination of the two, the stickmaker will generally pull up a sapling and carve the head out of the root ball, with the trunk serving as the shaft. Clava full name clava mere okewa — a traditional stone hand-club used by Mapuche Indians in Chile, featuring a long flat body.

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They are a bludgeoning impact weapon historically used by bouncers, street gangs, thugs, the military, security, and police forces around the world. It is a plain working tool that legions of old-time coppers came to respect in the same way a carpenter does a framing hammer.

The tip and first section slide into the spring, and the whole nests into a seven-inch handle.

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Basically an iron rod, the jutte was popular because it could parry and disarm a sword-wielding assailant without serious injury. Aklys — a club with an integrated leather thong, used to return it to the hand after snapping it at an opponent. Small and inconspicuous, it can pack a punch with even the smallest amount of force behind it.