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These three words are the foundation that we build our salon upon. During their travel to a concert with entertainment ban, they are attacked by DES and due to her wavering heart she is hit and barely escapes alive, causing Kanata to cover her place as an understudy.

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Momoka Kinoshita Japanese ; Meaghan Avocato English A 76th generation who is sometimes resentful of others succeeding. Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger vs. He also works part-time as a chef at the Bistrot Jurer restaurant. However, their battle was interrupted by the same trio of GSPO officers who, to the surprise of the thieves, revealed their own VS Changers which they used to transform into the Patrangers with the intent to arrest both the Gangler and yuko casino Lupinrangers.

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Still, he cannot finish giving up his dream even when coming in the 20th century. She is passionate about supporting Minami Takahashi. But it is unknown how the four main Keys made it to the year Mao Mita Japanese ; Molly Searcy [5] English A timid and easily scared sixteen-year-old girl, who often worries and thinks negatively.

In the final episode yuko casino returns through a gate and joins the other members during a concert on Akibastar. She is Sonata's supporter and calls her "Sonati".

Ayase, who is the only Timeranger that has a drivers license, works as an escort at Tomorrow Research.

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Yuko then sees parx casino parkettes at the infirmary and tells her that the only thing that matter is her own dream, helping her recover her determination to keep being the captain and returning to the stage. She is part of the 75th generation of trainees, who has yet to become a successor.

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Sayaka Nakaya Japanese ; Brittney Karbowski [5] English One of Nagisa's friends who lost her parents at a young age, and worked at a factory to make ends meet before leaving with her friends to join AKB. It is assumed Ayase and his team have egg roulette jimmy fallon anna powers once again, and will resume their duties as Timeranger.

She has a mechanical forearm with a gun installed inside; and part of her uniform skirt is made of ammo for this weapon. To create an environment where our clients feel good about coming to, the process starts within the people that make up our team.

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Sara is continually advancing her level of education and skill through training in the most current trends and techniques of cutting and color. She is also one of the pioneers to bring the Yuko Japanese Hair Straightening technique to Sacramento. He is also close friends with Tatsuya Asami.