Twin pines casino burn down. Mendocino Complex fire keeps growing; 68 homes lost and more evacuations ordered

Once again, the backlot facades were then rebuilt, with the exception of the facades used for Hill Valley However, the Courthouse itself survived the devastation and other facades were reconstructed.

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Jerry Brown visited the fire command center at the county fairgrounds on Saturday. This sign does not display the name of the mayor but instead the words "A Nice Place to Live" as also seen in Ventura County Fire Department Capt.

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Many of the cars that appear in the scenes are either modified for the film or concept cars. This article was updated with new numbers on the size of the Carr fire.

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In Marty's original timeline, many of the town square businesses have moved or closed down by On February 14, fire at Whittier High School, Californiawhere some mostly exterior scenes were filmed, [6] destroyed the men's gym there. On November 6,an arson fire on the Universal Studios Hollywood backlot destroyed much of Courthouse Square, the setting in which all the other time periods were filmed.

As a side note, since in this timeline Emmett Brown never developed time-travel technology, thus the events of the original series never took place, the Eastwood Ravine is still known as the Clayton Ravine, as no one saved Clara from her death.

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Yosemite Valley has been closed since July But he told them he has no idea what to expect next. The Ferguson fire near Yosemite National Park has burned more than 81, acres. When a place is not seen or mentioned in a movie, it is marked unknown.

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Back to the Future: The broken piece of ledge from Doc Brown's successful attempt to channel lightning from the clock tower is likewise never repaired, as can be seen when Marty returns to and inbut not in the Alternate Tannen also bought off the police. The clock on top of the courthouse is still preserved at As such, under "Citizen Brown"'s influence by Hill Valley is a technological dystopiawhere Emmett Brown oversees a fascist regime, controlling every single activity of his citizens, routinely brainwashed and spied over.

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She managed to win him over by keeping him interested in science, but in a manner that his scientific skills could be used to control people instead of using science to understand mysteries and for the betterment of humanity. Also Lorraine is again a mildly obese, inebriated sad woman, George has reverted to be the loser he is in the first, original timeline although his oppressor is big government instead of Biff.