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The trapeze tailpiece is also shorter than a standard Casino's, with a shorter string length between the tailpiece and bridge.

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No case or gig bag is included, so you'll need to budget accordingly. The feel of the neck is definitely different than my own personal Casino, and whether it's better or worse is entirely a matter of personal preference. It's going to open the Casino's tonal delights to a wide range of players who have previously balked at the original's larger body - and that's a very good thing.

While somewhat less susceptible to feedback than a standard-sized Casino it's still more likely to howl and wail like a banshee than any solidbody, or even a semi-hollowbody guitar like the similarly shaped ES Conclusion I have to admit I went into this review with a bit of skepticism.

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Epiphone still offers the standard sized Casino, but for players who want something a bit more compact there is now the Casino Coupe; a guitar that keeps all the essential design elements of a standard Casino but packages them in a smaller, ES sized thinline hollowbody.

The increase in controllable sustain when you have the Casino Coupe, pedals and amp all set right is musically and expressively powerful, and playing the Casino Coupe is a very interactive and fun experience. Intonation, like the rest of the factory setup, was great right out of the box. So why mess with success?

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With the Coupe's mezzanine casino down body size, some other aspects are also changed compared to a standard sized Casino. Fortunately, the rest of the setup was actually quite good, as previously mentioned.

The Casino Coupe has a set, bound mahogany neck with a The tuners have vintage cosmetics and a How small is that?

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The Coupe features a fully adjustable LockTone Tune-o-matic bridge. The headstock is angled at 14 degrees, which helps increase string down pressure at the nut, and thus sustain. It is roughly similar in size to a Les Paul, but like the standard Casino, it's much lighter - weighing only six pounds or so. The back, sides and top of the Casino Coupe are five-ply laminated maple.

The neck joins the body at the 19th fret instead of 17th fret as you'll find on a standard Casino, which gives the Coupe even better upper fret access. The Casino Coupe is covered by Epiphone's limited lifetime warranty.

The onset of feedback is gentle and swells almost like a compressor with a slow ramp time; building up gently and gradually, it's just as easily attenuated, controlled or muted off with varying pressure from the edge of your palm or a twist of a volume control.

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Both the pickguard and the bullet shaped truss rod cover feature the stylized Epiphone E logo, and the headstock also features an inlayed pearloid Epiphone logo. The standard Casino and Casino Coupe are similar, but definitely not the exact same guitar - if you play 3rd bridge stuff behind the bridge you'll find the Casino Coupe's smaller trapeze and shorter behind the bridge string length provide slightly different pitches and string tension feel than a full-sized Casino.

Make no mistake - it's smaller, but this is still a hollowbody guitar. With some caveats it's a very capable rock guitar, but it's not well-suited for heavier styles like metal. A three-way switch provides the standard pickup selection options of either pickup individually or both pickups together.

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My main criticism is a matter of personal preference. If you've been considering a Casino but have been put off by their size, try out a Casino Coupe.

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It's a solid plush-lined case that fits the Casino Coupe perfectly; I'd definitely recommend purchasing it with the guitar as a set. Casinos have a reputation for feeding back, and that's well deserved. I have smaller hands and short fingers, so I prefer the more C-shaped profile of my Casino, but many players will no doubt love the profile of the Casino in jupiter fl Coupe's neck as epiphone casino coupe, which is still a SlimTaper in terms of thickness, but with the meatier shoulders of a D-shaped profile.

Since players of smaller stature will be attracted to the smaller body size, a C-shaped neck profile makes more sense to me.

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Those who are more accustomed to playing solid-bodied guitars like Les Pauls and SGs will also no doubt find the Casino Coupe a more comfortable and familiar fit that can make the transition to an ES-style instrument easier. If this is a consistent issue and not a one-off oversight, you may need to do some adjustments to get the pickups dialed in.

While I love the compact feel of the Coupe's smaller body and totally dig that it has the classic sound and controllable feedback of a standard Casino, the neck profile is the one area where I have a strong preference for my personal Casino over the Casino Coupe.