Gw2 warrior slot skills build, also, it...

Greatsword — Sweeping, brutal attacks which carry the greatsword's gw2 warrior slot skills build from foe to foe.

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They are so boring and insignificant. Damage your target and nearby foes. In the end, Whirling Axe is actually a DPS loss over autoattacking with axe mainhand is which is a disappointment but an undeniable truth.

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This is a great step forward, and if people dont see that, they really have to calm down and wait for more information to be released…. Despite the fact that the damage coefficients between the 3 hits are higher than most other weapons, the autoattack chain of the greatsword is fairly low DPS. Huntsman — Harpoon guns, longbows, rifles, torches, warhorns.

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I love the new simple, yet flexible system. Additionally, it is the off hand weapon of choice for optimising DPS in a condition damage build. Remove conditions from you and nearby allies.

Guild Wars 2 - Warrior Levelling Build!

This block is awesome despite its long cooldown, as it lasts for a full 3 seconds and will block any and all skills on this game with the exception of specific skills that have unblockable skill effects e. Sword — Can be thrown at enemies or to block and retaliate.

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Maybe adding a related effect to it could solve that like foverin mentioned. Longbow — Massive fire damage used to keep hordes of enemies at bay from afar. The next utility skill you use recharges faster. Mirage Mirage RetreatMirage Retreat Return to your starting point and leave behind a clone at your previous location.

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One very uncommonly known trick to this autoattack chain is that the second hit of Double Chop can be interrupted with a weapon stow, allowing the possibility of beginning Triple Chop a fraction of a second quicker. Thanks for doing this. This will be the meta until they nerf Rampage which is broken af right now.

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This skill is essential for condition builds, as the increased condition duration and condition damage that they have increases the damage inflicted by Impale by a lot! The Triple Chop is backloaded and is both the strong and weak point of the axe mainhand, as the final hit of it deals roughly twice the damage of all of the previous chops.

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It can be used for the purposes of direct damage, maintaining burning stacks on enemies, providing AoE might by using blast finishers in the field, and triggering synergistic trait bonuses i.