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But here is the magic of deployment slots: I want to spend my time developing applications, not developing deployment solutions. Note To test Auto Swap for your app, you can first select a non-production target slot in Auto Swap Slot to become familiar with the feature. Auto Swap happens after a short time and the update is reflected at your target slot's URL.

Note Auto Swap is not supported in web apps on Linux. The source slot will be warmed-up. All I want to do is develop my app, check it in, build and deploy to my development slot.

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Note Swap with preview is not supported in web apps on Linux. Once you are finished your development, you can publish to a deployment slot and then swap it to your testing, QA, staging and finally you can swap it into your production slot. Swap deployment slots You can swap deployment slots in the Overview or Deployment slots view of your app's resource blade.

When a deployment slot is configured for Auto Swap into production, every time you push your code update to that slot, App Service will automatically swap the app into production after it has already warmed up in the web app slots. Restarts the worker processes on the source slot using these aforementioned configuration elements.

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On top of that, each slots can have its own settings! What does that mean? So in my web.

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Configure Auto Swap Auto Swap streamlines DevOps scenarios where you want to continuously deploy your app with zero cold start and zero downtime for end customers of the app. Important When you enable Auto Swap for a slot, make sure the slot configuration is exactly the configuration intended for the target slot usually the production slot.

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Once that's successful, slowly promote it from slot to slot until production. Reapplies the configuration elements of the source slot to the source slot. Scale settings WebJobs schedulers To configure an app setting or connection string to stick to a slot not swappedaccess the Application Settings blade for a specific slot, then select the Slot Setting box for the configuration elements that should stick the slot.

This URL is based on the name you give the deployment slot. I shouldn't need to have deployment projects, customised powershell scripts, and other hacks and twists to try and strangle Azure into submission. Execute a code push to that deployment slot. For web app slots Swap with preview swap type, see Swap with preview multi-phase swap.

I made a huge effort to sell Azure to my managers and find myself with egg all over my face. Click OK to complete the operation.

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In Deployment Slots, select a non-production slot, and choose Application Settings in that slot's resource blade. You can also configure custom warm-up rules. The deployment slot has a different URL, maybe something like staging. These apps are incredibly powerful and can literally get you up and running in minutes.

On the surface, Azure Web Apps looks to be the ultimate solution as it lets you have multiple deployment slots. Turns out, the Azure team didn't think it was necessary for you to change those settings between environments, they only allow you to modify the AppSettings and ConnnectionString sections of your web.

Deployment slots are incredible! So, I don't abandon ship here, there must be simple explanation.

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