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It was only shortly before the Trolloc Wars when Ishamael appeared, forcing these groups to combine into the Black Ajah.

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Many of a Black Sister's chances for advancement were determined in that first year. However, if a woman locates a trace of the Black Ajah, she is immediately kidnapped and brought before the Supreme Council. All this was done to preserve anonymity. Liandrin was a Darkfriend before she came to Tar Valon and sought out the Black Ajah from the day she arrived, [3] but we know that Galina Casban [4] was a black sister for all but five of the nearly ninety years she wore the shawl.

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If she says yes, she is sworn in at once, though she would still be tested for a year. Apart from Alviarin the remaining twelve members of the council are not all known, among them there was Galina Casban who used to be vice to Alviarin and also Sheriam Bayanar was member of the council, since Egwene says that Verin mentioned her as "a leader among the Black Ajah.

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Death was not uncommon. There were certainly sisters who would have been Black Ajah had it existed between the Breaking and the Trolloc Wars, and some served the Dark One. Within the Black Ajah, sisters are organized into "hearts," groups of three women who know each others' identity and who in turn each know one sister from another heart.

If one member of the council dies, then another is raised in her place, thereby keeping a constant number in the leadership of the Black Ajah. They worked for years as ordinary sisters until members of the Black Ajah suspected that they may ramada plovdiv casino susceptible to swearing allegiance to the Shadow.

Most fought against one another, and by the end of the Breaking they remained fragmented. She is asked if she wishes to join; if she says no, she is tortured and drained of all information before being killed. Sisters who had done so during the Breaking survived, and recruited others, forming into small groups.

Aes Sedai who show suitability are watched and tested. The Council always meets hooded. These tasks would place one in danger, or exposed to ridicule or harsh penances.

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No excuses were accepted, and punishments were dealt with increasing severity. Part of her raising is for every member of the Supreme Council to give her all the identities of the Black sisters that she knows. Every member of the Council knew the names of some Black sisters; enough so that not even several deaths could disrupt the structure.

Only the head of the Ajah knows the identities of every member. All remaining Black nationalities are unknown.

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She would be given tasks and watched; none of these tasks were vital, but were used as a test. History Edit Although the Black claimed to have been around since the Age of Legendsthe truth was that they formed by Ishamael during the Trolloc Warsor so he claimed.

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Thus are women groomed for the Black Ajah, or perhaps singled out as possible candidates, from very early on in their training. The Great Council is headed by one woman, who knows the identity of every sister in the Ajah. Those who might be willing to become a member of the Black Ajah are likely those who find the Three Oaths chafing and who delight in the power an Aes Sedai has over non-channelers, even having been known to abuse it.

Like the legitimate Aes Sedai after the Breaking, most were either swept up or wiped out by the formation of the White Tower. Organization Edit The Black Ajah is administered by a Supreme Council, alternatively called the Great Councilwhich consists of thirteen sisters who meet while hooded so that none may know the identity of another.

Like most Darkfriends, they probably did not feel the truth of their fealty to the Shadow until the arrival of Ishamael a few years after the Aiel War.

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Tower initiates Edit The position of teachers of the novices and the Accepted makes it easier for the Black Ajah to know every student very well before they even become Aes Sedai.