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October 28, Introduction: ZZZ Best's fraud was contemporaneous with Crazy Eddie's fraud, another s accounting fraud mentioned in the film. At a friend's wedding party, BJ meets one of his friends from school. But the human face eschar keeps appearing every please give me some time slots he removes it.

When BJ starts to treat him, another man with broken legs follows. May 26, Introduction: June 24, Introduction: Some viewers may take offence to the "Hollywoodizing" of the MIT team, with team members of different ethnicity largely shoved to the background in favour of the typically gorgeous Caucasian leads, a disconcertingly common practice in modern day cinema.

Finally, the student jumps in front of a car. A man is seriously wounded after being struck by directly by lightening. The contents of a top-secret biological weapon are leaking. The leader of a gang group is always teasing him about his fantasies.

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December 24, Introduction: He tells a lies to his friend, saying that he is good at sports, especially baseball. They have to evacuate from the island or their lives may be endangered. Oedo thought that if the cerebrums were transplanted in a more spacious location, they would grow larger and become more intelligent.

It can be cured if the clots of blood are removed by operation. Some judicious editing, clearing away such unnecessary subplots such as a robotics competition with Sturgess' tiresomely stereotypical nerdy friends could have resulted in a far more streamlined and faster paced film.

A Chinese restaurant owner is suffering from cholelithiasis.

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There he encounters a girl who was born with split jaws and mouth: An explosion accident occurs at a petroleum plant in Iran, and a great number of Japanese engineers die. Using Kiriko as an assistant, BJ does a challenging operation on his father, who is suffering from a disease of unknown causes.

The traffic jam blocks the crane truck's way so that it can' t get to the accident site. The school's math team has won sixteen state championships. But the old man January 1, Introduction: On a stormy night, BJ is taken by someone to a small fishing boat.

Horikiri, a big baseball star, is suffering from a heart aneurism, and his doctor has recommended that he retire. A girl leader of a delinquent group happens to find a baby discarded in one of the coin-operated lockers at the station. The boy is dubious about BJ, who is following him, because he doesn't know that the boy depicted in the book is BJ himself. His young wife and secretary ask BJ to prolong his life so that the will, already written by the dying old man, can be rewritten to their advantage.

Everyone acknowledges BJ as a leading doctor. September 30, Introduction: But one of the patients they attend to is suffering from hydronephrosis.

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A doctor is to be awarded the Nobel Prize for developing a miracle drug for cancer. The gang group thinks that BJ must be pouring all his money into this woman. BJ faces with the shocking truth of Japan that not so easily sends refugees back to their countries.

He is planning to assassinate the president of a certain country. After being asked for treatment, BJ advises the captain to send a rescue signal immediately. Yoko, who used to love swimming and fishing, becomes sick because of a plant that discharges polluted wastewater.

A girl who has only a week to live, due to cancer that has spread throughout her body, says that her last wish is to marry.

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When he finally meets him face to face, he stabs himself with a knife and claims that he was stabbed by the criminal. He says that he would do anything if she can be cured and that he is even ready to offer his life.