Lode star casino & motel fort thompson,

Since we appeared to be the only people in the casino interested in playing cards, we asked the dealer if they would consider raising the table limit for us. When we arrived, we were surprised to learn that the hotel is actually a half-mile down the road from the casino.

We both ate - it was fine - we're not picky, but I did find myself concerned about coming down with an illness just given the environment that I was viewing around me. Aside from that, blackjack rules included dealer drawing to 16 and standing on all 17s - a rule that benefits the player, whereas most casinos in the upper Midwest have begun requiring the dealer to hit the soft 17, so that was a nice surprise.

I guess I inferred from the name that they were attached. This was a difficult review to write.

Presentation of the Lode Star Casino and Motel

More Show less Stayed: We found the blackjack pit to be tiny and unoccupied. But we finished dinner, and went out to play blackjack.

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I thought, is there such a problem here with theft and vandalism that they needed to post this sign? If I ever had the idea of doing this again, I'm sorry to say that I would look elsewhere and I probably would not come back. So we pulled up to the hotel, and I became a bit concerned by the large sign posted on the front of the hotel facing the parking lot that said in no uncertain terms "not responsible for theft, vandalism, etc".

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But I didn't feel particularly clean, safe, or welcomed from the time I pulled into town until the time I left. But that's okay, we were patient. Still no dealers, so we went to the guest services desk and asked for a dealer, which they were prompt to provide. We were driving back to MN from the Black Hills - saw the opportunity to spend the night halfway back or more and relax, play some cards, and get a bite to eat.

There were a couple of waitresses on duty so I found it quite surprising that they wouldn't grab these dirty dishes on their way back to the kitchen as they were back and forth several times.

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No automatic shufflers in this joint! Calculate blackjack winnings found that odd. I proceeded to take the bike off my roof and hauled more of my belongings inside than I would have preferred. We ended up winning some money, and all was well, it suited our needs for the night well enough.

I ordered the salad bar, which I later regretted as I thought about all the flies I saw buzzing around the dining room. I hate to call my experience "poor", but it was most definitely below average, and thus, my rating.

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