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Both closed in In so doing, Knokke Out will follow all reasonable procedures as per instructions given by the Data Processing Officer. Rond wordt er een nieuwe speelhal gemaakt onder de Canada Square. Het Casino Knokke is sinds 5 oktober vastgesteld als Vlaams onroerend erfgoedmaar niet beschermd. The sculpture of a rabbit located at the end of the boardwalk.

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Het werd een chique en mondaine ontmoetingsplek waar vele concerten en cabaretvoorstellingen plaats vonden. With the encouragement of the Counts of Flandersseveral dikes were built between the 11th and the 13th century and the land successfully dewateredgiving rise to agriculture and further sheep breeding.

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Knokke Out will, as a minimum, indicate the following in its notification: It is the duty of Knokke Out to ensure the confidentiality of personal data received by the client. This large salt-water marsh area is also a protected bird sanctuary. The strategic importance of the Zwin harbour was recognized induring the war besten tipico casino spiele Count Guy of Dampierre and the French King Philip the Fair.

The Sincfala museum, located in Heist, documents the regional history and way of life. Ook in de jaren en volgden nog uitgebreide verbouwingswerken.

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Middle Ages[ edit ] Chapel of the fishermen in Heist Originally, the marshy Zwin area was mostly settled by shepherds and fishermen. In addition, the sub-contractor will take all reasonable measures necessary to prevent or limit all new violations of security measures.

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De kroonluchter werd in verplaatst naar de erehal. In de late jaren en in werd het verbouwd naar een ontwerp van architect Louis Govaertswaarbij een deel van het oorspronkelijke modernistische karakter verloren ging. The pink fountain located at the tourism center. During the Hundred Years' War that followed shortly after, several battles were fought between France and England for supremacy of the area including the Battle of Sluys in June Geschiedenis[ bewerken ] Het gebouw werd opgericht in opdracht van Jozef Nellens.

There are many sculptures in Knokke-Heist located on the beach and on the wave breakers.

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Inventaris Onroerend Erfgoed New parishes were founded and the early settlement of Sint-Anna-ter-Muiden, later made part of Westkapelle, obtained city rights in Sinds is aan de oostkant van de bovenhal het grote schilderij De legendarische reis van Paul Delvaux te zien; dit werk was oorspronkelijk bedoeld voor het casino van Chaudfontaine maar is naar Knokke verplaatst.

The Kneistival, a free and week-long music festival, has taken place every July since Taking into account the present state of the art, of execution fees, as well as the nature, scope, context and goals of processing, including the risks for which the degree of probability and seriousness vary in regards to the rights how to win at slots in a casino liberties of the individuals, Knokke Out and the client take the appropriate technical and organizational measures in order to guarantee a level of security adapted to such risk.

The sculpture of a blue floating water faucet built by the municipal water company. Het casino groeide in de jaren en uit uit tot een belangrijke cultuurtempel, met muziekvoorstellingen met internationale allure en met grote jaarlijkse zomertentoonstellingen.

In de Tweede Wereldoorlog was de zeedijk van Knokke onderdeel van de Atlantikwall en werd het casino zwaar beschadigd. Knokke Out will notify of the breach in question immediately, and at the latest 24 hours after having observed the incident.

Events, sports and culture[ edit ] Knokke-Heist is home to more than 40 art galleries. An exception to this may only be considered possible under legal provision or court injunction obliging Knokke Out to divulge this data, or if the client gives the instruction to do so. Knokke Out will at all times inform the client of the technical and organizational measures undertaken in order to protect personal data against its destruction, loss, falsification, transmission or unauthorized access.

The development of Knokke and Heist as tourist destinations followed soon after. The Wars of Religion of the late 16th century brought renewed floods and devastation, but the economy managed to come back to life after the Peace of Westphalia with the cultivation of rapeseed and potatoes. Ook werk van toen nog onbekende avantgardekunstenaars als Joseph BeuysPanamarenkoRobert Rauschenberg en Andy Warhol werd er getoond.

Scharpoorta concert hall "De groetende mannen", translated to "two big men", a sculpture by Joep van Lieshout of two large orange men shaking hands The sculpture of Alfred Verwee located in front of the town hall The sculpture located on the beach of Knokke-Heist.


After the Battle of FleurusBruges, Knokke and the neighboring municipalities were included in the department of the Lys. The client must be notified by Knokke Out, in advance, about all legally obliged communication of personal data to third parties. The processing as well as the access for usage of this data must be carried out in a secured manner. A butterfly garden Vlindertuin was established near Moeder Siska, the coffeehouse that makes clover-shaped waffles which dates from This was also the time when the Zwin started silting and when apple orchards were planted to supplement the local economy.

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The end of the century was marked by internal rebellions against Maximilian of Austria and strategic flooding of the polders. Het Casino Knokke werd naar zijn modernistische ontwerp gebouwd in ; later zou Stynen ook nog de casino's van BlankenbergeChaudfontaine en Oostende ontwerpen.

The construction of the Leopold Canal in made the closing of the Zwin and its transformation in a natural reservation possible.