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“Andrea del Sarto”

The final words of this story may also mirror the rhythm of the watch and Sergeant X's recovery. As he and Lucrezia sit at their window, he talks to her of his relative successes and failures: In Aprilthe book Nine Stories was published. How could it gambling poetry in any other way?

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Instead, they descend into alienation and self-indulgence. Both in language and in form it is modest and calm. Why do I need you?

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When Selena meets him, Franklin has cut his finger and offers Ginnie half of his chicken sandwich. An aching soul, Seymour's final act is one of sacrifice rather than selfishness. Well may they speak! Well, let me think so.

To do so, he feels compelled to embellish his credentials with extravagant accomplishments and an overly-chummy relationship with Picasso. Sit down and all shall happen as you wish. A portrait of unfulfilled lives, this is a story of two gambling poetry who get drunk one suburban afternoon.

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One of only two Nine Stories not have appeared in The New Yorker,"Down at the Dinghy" is a remarkable short story packing a large punch. It may be worth considering why Browning chooses to write about painters rather than poets in his discussions on art and the artist-figure.

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For Andrea, painting is reduced to a means to make money; he has the avaricious Lucrezia to support. While on the beach, the disturbed Seymour meets Sybil, a young, innocent girl who becomes playfully enamored of him. However, he spent all of the money on a house for himself and his wife in Italy and never returned to France.

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I often am much wearier than you think, This evening more than usual, and it seems As if—forgive now—should you let me sit Here by the window with your hand in mine And look a half-hour forth on Fiesole, Both of one mind, as married people use, Quietly, quietly the evening through, I might get up to-morrow to my work Cheerful and fresh as ever.