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Recent figures place the estimated value of Monegasque imports at U. Marriage is an important family event, Church weddings, held according to Roman Catholic traditions, are popular. The peoples living in this area were eventually absorbed into the Roman Empire and became part of the province of Maritime Alps.

Differences in social stratification are not immediately obvious.

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Tourism and related businesses are the main components of the Monegasque economy today. Seasonal tourist work also accounts for an increase in non-native Contrasting old and modern architecture. Marriage is considered an important family event and the divorce rate is low, with less than a quarter of marriages ending in divorce.

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A national health service and an excellent public education system provide Monegasque children with high-quality, low-cost education and with health care from infancy through adolescence. Charles Grimaldi, known as Charles I, succeeded in reinstating the House of Grimaldi on 12 September and is considered the founder of the principality.

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Due to its small population and unique economic situation, Monaco does not face many of the social problems that larger countries must deal with, such as violent crime and poverty. The principality attracts people from a variety of nationalities who are nevertheless united by a high level of personal wealth. Access to fresh, local produce and the sea has led to the development of a local cuisine and appreciation for good food.

A civil ceremony, held at the city hall, is also required even when a religious ceremony is organized. Exports include a variety of Monegasque products, and imports include agricultural products and manufactured and consumer goods. The Scientific Center of Monaco is host to a variety of activities including seismological, meteorological, and radioactivity studies.

The most recent of these is the neighborhood of Fontvieille.

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Monaco provides excellent maternity and infant care. This caused long-term financial difficulties for Monaco, since the occupying Spanish military force was entirely supported by the Monegasques. The first inhabitants of Monaco were the Ligurians, an ancient Indo-European tribe. Over the next two hundred years Monaco prospered under France's protection.

The Scientific Community for Oceanic Research is based in Monaco, and numerous other scientific and academic societies also have branch offices in the principality.

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Attracted by Monaco's strategic location and harbor, the Genoese immediately began to construct a fortress, known as the Rock of Monaco, and a walled city. Until the second half of the twentieth century, women's roles revolved principally around family and household. An increase in tourism and the necessity for hotels have put an added strain on available space.

People of Italian origin make up about 16 percent with the rest of the population consisting of a variety of nationalities. Monaco is rocky and situated on steep hills that drop off into the Mediterranean.