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It amounts to last year's phone, dressed up in some varied coats of paint. Reviews were almost universally positiveeven if Apple Maps 1. The apps, the ecosystem, and the experience that is used more than any other smartphone platform is now available on two different brand-spanking-new smartphones.

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Those benefits will also translate into better FaceTime quality, although that of course depends on your connection, too. Call quality was very good. Plastic Buttons The volume buttons are plastic oblongs instead of the metal circles you'll find on the iPhone 5S and its predecessors.

We'd never do that, of course not without proofreading, at least. Not only do images from the camera look sharper, with less noise, but they also have more natural coloring as well. Unapologetically Fun And there's lots to love.

I believe there are two reasons: And, 2 Mobile technology — in terms of what will satisfy most people — has pretty much peaked.


And it's indeed a pleasure. Connectors The connectors are on the bottom of the phone, amounting to the Apple Lightning connector and the headphone jack. The bouncefest was also a good opportunity to test how well the camera captures fast motion. Because of the smooth plastic back and lack of external antenna, the iPhone 5C doesn't feel like an iPhone 5 in the hand.

Apps launch on the iPhone 5C, well, about as fast as they did on the side slot on iphone 5c 5, which is faster than the 4S, but not significantly so. Facebook's redesign for iOS 7for example, introduces a navigation bar on the bottom of the screen. With the 5C I have a phone that's a clear step up from my two-year-old iPhone 4S, runs all the apps I use today, and gets through a full day without needing a recharge.

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While that's to be expected in a phone camera, I think the HTC One is a slightly superior action photographer in less-than-ideal lighting. Putting the design side slot on iphone 5c for a blackjack racing, the iPhone 5C really isn't that new.

The mute switch is in the same spot as always, but the volume buttons are now oblong shaped, like the power button — likely another way Apple cut production costs. It has a "matte" finish that contrasts with the iPhone's glossy back, but that also makes it difficult to get out of some pockets.

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And for a lot of people — I would even argue most — that's okay. One of the actual upgrades on the iPhone 5C is a bigger battery, measuring 1, milliamp-hours the iPhone 5 battery had 1, mAh.

With your eyes closed, you'd almost think it's a Samsung phone except finding a Samsung phone with a 4-inch screen would be like discovering the Loch Ness Monster. The iPhone 5C's front-facing camera is another real, physical upgrade. That's kind of the point of the iPhone 5C.

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About the swiss-cheesed case that goes hand-to-glove with the iPhone 5C: The material is more "matte" than the gloss finish of the phone's back, and that arguably makes it less likely to slip out of your hand or a pocket. The outstanding hardware shone through.

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The Lowdown It's an iPhone! The camera appears to do better with both low light and bright light, showing more detail in the lighter areas of a photo, which you can see in the selfie-off below 5C is on the left, 5 on the right.

Firing up the graphics-heavy Solar Walk on both phones, the 5C won the race by about four seconds. I'm not a fan. While that makes content on the iPhone 4S feel squished, there's still plenty of room for the news feed to stretch out on the iPhone 5C.

Even when I forgot to charge it overnight with Bluetooth onthere was usually power to spare in the morning the next day. But it also makes the phone harder to get out of said pocket indian casino near casa grande az not good.

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Selfie Upgrade The main camera in the iPhone 5C remains the same as in the 5, which is to say it's a great smartphone camera, made even better with the new iOS 7 camera UI. Mobile technology is moving ever-faster certainly, and that's why the iPhone 5S exists. Although I'd used the iPhone 5 before, I hadn't had the pleasure of using a 4-inch iOS device day in, day out.

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The extra weight is just slightly noticeable, but it's still pretty light as today's smartphones go right, Samsung Galaxy Mega? The "unapologetically plastic" backside, which comes in multiple colors, gives the phone a more playful feel.