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A few people then walked out edgewater casino alaska cruise the floral shop, and they all sped away. They didn't want to die.

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They knocked, holding a styrofoam ice chest filled with cocaine. Damage was heaviest in St. He wrapped brown cloth around their heads, covering their eyes. Felts pulled out kilo after kilo of cocaine from the ice chest. And it earned him a reputation. Fernandez, then 23 years old, was in peak physical condition and fluent in English and Spanish and had an associate's degree in law enforcement from Broward Community College.

It was Allard; she knew something had gone wrong. In Cypremort Point State Parkseveral mobile homes were destroyed. The road dips down toward an embankment, then follows along a canal that leads deep into the mosquito-infested marshlands.

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But Fernandez didn't always act like a model officer. As the Grand Prix crossed over the Sheridan Street bridge, which spans the Intracoastal Waterway, Fernandez threw his gun in the water.

We gave a jocuri slots ca la aparate gratis of beatings, but you can read my police file. Iberia Parish was also among the most severely impacted parishes.

Gambling in broward county wore a gun on his side and another on his ankle. His large chest protruded forward. He started to spend more time with his young son, Gilbert III, who was then 7. Fernandez believes he's in a similar position.

The enormous Fernandez sometimes stood sentry outside the floral shop as business was discussed. Christie and Fernandez were ambitious. In the summer ofdetectives confronted Dwight Allen, pastor of Miramar Church of God, where Fernandez attended and volunteered. It wasand the year-old Fernandez was stuck in a desk job. A short struggle erupted. He doesn't know why. Small reading glasses are tucked into his front shirt pocket.

And at that moment, I wanted to go to church. A high school student alleged that Fernandez charged and cursed at him for jaywalking. Fernandez ordered the three captives out of the vehicle. They headed toward the ocean.

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That was the way Fernandez did police work. They could bench pounds, maybe more, and weren't afraid to use needles to gain a competitive edge.

Union Correctional Institution is an oppressive place. But as his confidence grew, so did his attitude. Internal Affairs received several complaints that Fernandez beat arrestees after handcuffing them.

At first, they were sloppy. But Fernandez, even in the blackjack en ligne gratuit that tells his story, doesn't call himself a murderer.

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A helicopter flew overhead, monitoring him. That same year, concerned about Fernandez's growing complaint file, Miami-Dade police reassigned the hard-as-iron cop to a desk job, first to the personnel department gambling in broward county then to the inventory room.

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The cars on U. He'd just purchased a house in Fort Lauderdale with his longtime girlfriend, Linda Allard. Felts brought him over.