Hyper turbo holdem. Strategy Primer For Hyper And Super Turbo Sit N Goes

If this seems tight then you really need to study SNG Wiz now and see how tight bubble calling ranges can get when the math is taken into consideration.

Early stage strategy.

In the early stages of the SNG you will often see players shoving their whole stack in with very marginal suited hands or a naked Ace. Don't be too afraid to stick it all in the middle because of the bubble, as you will be able to take advantage of the players who are going fold a number of good hands just so that they can try and sneak there way in to the money.

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Don't be surprised to come up against wild plays early on. Other than this however, I am going to stick to playing with premium hands, but widening my starting range up in late position. Also look out for players who slowplay, and players who make different bets when strong and weak, also note those who shove all-in with more than 20 big blinds these are highly unlikely to be strong players.

This will help increase your chances of winning a hand if you are prepared to push your entire stack in the middle, but don't feel that it will push your opponent off the hand.

Basic turbo poker tournament strategy.

There are some key differences between these games and regular SNGs. This gives the player very little wiggle room and quickly forces gamblers to make decisions for all of their chips. Finally, and especially as you move up the buy-in levels and play against better opponents, you need to start working with the concept of equilibrium.

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Again I recommend using SNG Wiz to calculate your calling ranges for different stack sizes in these situations. Proportionally big stacks can literally own a table of 3 or 4 opponents waiting for a smaller stack to bust out.

Fast SNGs Are Massively Popular – And Easy To Beat With Some Simple Strategy Adjustments.

In general, if I am entering a pot, then I am entering with the intention of playing for my entire stack. I recommend using PokerStove a free odds tool to compare winning percentages against ranges of possible hands an opponent might hold to become familiar with this area.

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Push-Fold Poker Your biggest danger is blinding away, it only takes a couple of orbits of the table for your stack to be pretty much useless. Conversely, when you are folded to in the cut-off place before the buttonthe button itself or the small blind, you can push all-in with a huge range of hands profitably — especially when your opponent s are aware that they can not call you without a strong hand themselves.

Instead you need to assume a wide calling range, then work backwards from there to see which hands you can profitably shove with! Sit and Go Planet.

Top Five Hyper Turbo SNG Tips

Here is the simplified math with 10 BBs and a 2x the BB raise. If I've got a strong hand I'm going to raise a big amount and hope to catch someone over playing a weak ace and try and force them to put as much in the middle as possible, but this is no time to try and pick up small pots with fancy plays.

You need to stay aggressive and positive in hyper-turbo poker, but you also need to switch your game from time to time to prevent regulars from taking advantage of you! Also look out for anything unusual, for example players who push all-in a lot then suddenly mini-raise — is this aces for that player, or are they just trying to steal and may fold to a re-raise? In Hyper Turbos you should almost always be making a decision for your entire stack right from the beginning of the hand.

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First because this article was already long enough - and second, because there are so many variables which affect your choice of both hands and ranges. Whenever the pot is unopened ahead of you and you are in the small blind, you should be giving serious consideration to moving all-in.

You really need to play a large amount of these games to be able to consistently win money, so get used to some pretty big swings if you decide that you want to regularly play in turbo tournaments.

It may be a good idea to call a raise and push it in on the flopas a small all-in reraise preflop will often give your opponent the right odds to call. In the middle stages of the SNG, more often than not the cards in your hand matter less than your position and stack size. Play to win the tournament by taking 1st place, rather than playing it overly safe and trying to make it into the money.

The blinds are not yet worth stealing, and at the lower buy-ins especially a raise could easily be called in 4 spots — making your options unclear after the flop unless you hit a monster.

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This Article Looks at the best SNG sites by breaking down the choices for different types of player from recreational poker fan through to pro grinders. Also the blinds increase every 3 minutes as opposed to every 5 minutes in typical turbo SNGs. Manage Your Stack Size Your stack size will frequently dictate your actions in hyper turbos.

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Just to note that different sites use these labels interchangably, so I will specify when I am talking about the chip games. You only have to min-raise then fold a couple of times, and some opponents will take notes on this - exploiting it over and over in future games.

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Late position is the opposite, with only one or two opponents you can get aggressive with just about anything and still have a positive expectation. The same goes for the button, albeit to a slightly lesser degree. Avoid trying to get tricky with marginal holdings, just stick with the big hands.

Check Out True Poker's Hyper Turbo SNGs

By adjusting your strategy to the players in the hand, you can beat these games over the long term. You can usually get a nice mix of turbo, super turbo and occasionally extreme turbo poker tournaments at the majority of the top online rooms. If you can get passed the fear and frustration of constantly risking your stack, you will be able to make optimum plays and get the better of the luck-heavy turbo poker tournaments.

As most bubble mistakes concern changes in the proportion of prize pool equity each player has. This means you are getting