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The innovative movement chair technology, which is activated during the bonus boat ride down Chocolate River. Now the most rewarding jackpot offered is the magical boat ride down Chocolate River, which comes with the bonus feature. The overall effect of this gameplay setup is that of watching the actual movie itself, and the game attempts to show the journey as it would appear through Charlie Bucket's own eyes.

Bya shift to video slot machines occurred, but WMS Industries maintained its commitment to interactive entertainment, coining the term "participation slot" with the release of a Monopoly themed game in Only thing I wish I could figure out is how people actually win real money playing these games?

I for one am about to delete the game and find another slot to take its place, but I will keep it just to see if there is a change in the game play. Expanding Reels Expanding reel wins can be greater than base gameplay wins because you have more slots for the different Wonka and Wild symbols to land.

Players will see high resolution video clips from the eponymous film, hear streaming audio clips and music, all while enjoying graphics and animations which resemble a video game more than a traditional slot machine. Everything from the Fizzy Lifting Drink room to the factory's surreal candy garden will appear in the background of your screen, depending on which features you happen to trigger.

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If you frequently visit the Vegas casinos, chances you have come across Willy Wonka slots, but every punter should try their hand at this enthrallingly themed video. There is also an Oompa Loompa increment feature, which is more frequent than extras. This can add up to a better winning combination than just a regular game. You may not feel as though you are a part of the movie but the sensory immersion platform makes you feel as though you are a part of the game.

When the famous Willy Wonka suddenly comes out of self-imposed reclusion and offers five fortunate people a chance to tour his legendary chocolate factory, Charlie hopes against hope to find one of the rare Golden Tickets hidden in a Wonka chocolate bar. It never pays out very often and when it does it is only enough to keep one interested in the game.

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There should not be any real money involved in keeping us interested in playing their game. It is presented willy wonka gambling machine advanced graphics offering superior image quality and wonderfully brings out the colorful thematic displays. We are hoping that one day the good lord above will let one of these games you can win real money will fall in our lap and we will catch the break we so desperately deserve after all we have been through.

Instead, you'll see a revolving animation showing clips from the movie which corresponds to the in willy wonka gambling machine features. Everything is presented with a purple hue, and by the time fans of the film hear the familiar melody of "Pure Imagination" piping through the sound system, they're drawn in the machine's direction.

Game & Theme Overview

Growing up in poverty as a young English boy, Charlie yearns for adventure and advancement, but as an orphan living with his four grandparents, opportunities are sparse. But I always give it a chance to Change my mind. Despite the overwhelming odds against him, Charlie finds a Golden Ticket and proceeds to take his Grandpa Joe Jack Albertson on the adventure of a lifetime.

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Level Progression The standard reel spinning and symbol matching gameplay is applied to Willy Wonka, with great bonuses and surprises included. WMS says that the odds of the golden ticket increase each time the bonus round jackpot is not won.

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Knight This game is enjoyable to a point. In their bonus round, Oompa Loompas may add Wild symbols to the reels while expanding the video reels onto the top screen for additional wins.

Gameplay Features and Mechanics

WMS Gaming is the developer of this irresistible slot, inspired by the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie and featuring songs and scores from the film. The word Wonka sits atop the machine in rainbow colors, with a portrait of the Wilder and his custom purple leisure suit and top hat. The game design features levels and reaching set target points is required to progress subsequently.