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They then said I would have to have it towed. Do not place any known good key fobs in the vicinity of the vehicle when programming with Method 3. Why did all my lights still work and my horn? The DIC will display a message: Connect a scan tool to the vehicle. I know it's a possiblility but come on now.

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A scan tool, Techline Terminal, and a replacement key fob are required to perform this procedure. Place the replacement key fob in the console pocket with the buttons facing forward.

Now, here's what I believe they are trying to do. Insert the vehicle key in the driver door lock cylinder located in the driver door handle and cycle the key 5 times within 5 seconds. A beep will occur indicating programming completion.

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Additional key fobs can be programmed by taking fob 1 out of the pocket and inserting fob 2. The order in which the key fobs are programmed will determine its numbering position within the RCDLR memory.

Remove the scan tool. Turn the vehicle OFF. So, I have it towed to the dealership. They had me hit the brakes to verify the brake lights were coming on and to put the FOB in the slot and try and start it. A beep will occur and the DIC will display: At this point the scan tool must remain connected for the duration of the 10 minute relearn procedure. When fob 1 is programmed a beep will be heard and the DIC will display a message: Method 3 is a series of three minute key cycles, for a total of 30 minutes.

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If desired, up to 4 fobs can be programmed. I called the local Nissan dealership which is not where I purchased the Z. Only thing lit up is the Lock light. The car 2009 altima key fob slot miles on it.

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Once the minute timer has expired, the fobs can be programmed similar to Method 2 using slot programming. All previously programmed key fobs will be erased upon completion of the minute programming procedure.

Place the vehicle in the Vehicle On, Engine Off mode. They asked if I had had it in storage for an extended amount of time. I get in the car to go to lunch and push the start button and nothing. Why would the "KEY" light come on if it was just a dead battery?

Yesterday, I drove to work as I do everyday. The procedure will then program a single or multiple key fobs. The number stamped on the key fob case is for reference only: I went and bought new batteries for both my spare and primary FOB's.

When the 10 minute relearn procedure has completed, use the scan tool to access the following: Once 4 fobs have been learned, the DIC will display a message: Repeat steps two more times, for a total of 30 minutes. This will be the slot you wish to program to. Why did a battery light not come on. Disconnect the scan tool from the Techline Terminal and re-connect the scan tool to the vehicle.

I notice the "key" light is lit up on the instrument panel. That battery isn't even a year old yet. I think they don't want to have to flip the bill for the tow job so they are lying to me about the battery. This morning I called them and asked if they had found the problem. The first key fob programmed will be key fob 1, and the second key fob programmed will be key fob 2.

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I made sure to ask if this was all going to be covered under my Nissan warranty and he said yes, as long as there were no signs that I tampered with any electrical wiring or any signs of theft. This procedure requires that you have a replacement key fob and the vehicle mechanical key.

Operate the active portion of each casino jackson wy fob in order to finalize the programming sequence and verify correct system operation.