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This experience helps her learn to walk and properly make sounds. Pinoko manages to pull herself together, and get up and walk just in time to escape the fire. And so begins Hazama's transformation into Black Jack.

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Since then, Pinoko started to develop as a tumour on her twin sister's abdomen and "lived" there for eighteen years. She even claims that she is his wife, even though these feelings are never reciprocal.

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Hazama applies first-aid; it happens that Eri was one of Hazama's patients in the past, when he perfectly stitched up Imagami's gash in the face without any visible scarring.

Although, she began to develop over a span of eighteen years and eventually developed an entire brain, complete nervous system, and random organs and limbs. The twin sister quickly leaves the house, leaving Black Jack and Pinoko behind.

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Hazama is tied up too. TBS This series article is a stub.

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Pinoko is immediately infuriated by this and bgins to attack her sister in the original comical style as the manga. The body is soon connected to the brain, Pinoko's brain, and body. She almost forces Black Jack to shove a scalpel into his throat during the operation until Black Jack attempts to bargain with her by saying that he will promise to keep her alive once she is removed from her twin sister's body.

Hyakki makes an unexpected visit to him, noting how Hazama chose the illegal path he is now treading. Black Jack never shows any romantic feelings for Pinoko, just shows a kind of fatherly love for her.

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Hyakki slowly proceeds to build his reputation, thus gaining a request to do an operation by his former school, Teito University. This is how Pinoko is "born".

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The leader relents, and Hazama proceeds to do an operation fixing a hemothorax, rib fractures, nose and orbital fractures, and an injured liver, to which he finishes the morning after. She also wears a pair of white knee high socks and tiny red strap shoes.

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Several years pass by, and now Hazama is seen swapping a surgeon per request, to which he is paid. Hazama is put down forcibly, and Imagami suddenly rises up to ask them all to stop the violence. Her face was never shown in the anime series as she wears a mask all the time.

Thus Hyakki had the accident.