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Usually uses a star-wired ring topology. Start a Live Chat session now, or call us at Because of the angle, the reflected light does not stay in the fiber core but instead leaks out into the cladding. Field testing is usually simpler.

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Testing fiber optic connector assemblies falls into two general categories: The firewall is usually positioned as the gateway device to another network, such as the internet. Protocol -A formal description of a set of rules and conventions that govern how devices on a network exchange information. The single index tab must be properly aligned with a slot on the mating receptacle before insertion; then the bayonet interlock can be engaged, by pushing and twisting, locking at the end of travel which maintains spring-loaded engagement force on the core optical junction.

Glossary 10Base2 - Ethernet specification for thin coaxial cable, transmits signals at 10 Mbps megabits per second with a distance limit of meters per segment. DIN - A plug and socket connector consisting of a circular pattern of pins in a metal sleeve. HFOCs are designed to withstand climatic conditions existing throughout the U. It is most often used to interconnect two or more local area networks.

A multiple-jointed connector assembly is a connector assembly where there is more than one closely spaced connection joining different fibers together.

Hub - A hardware device that contains multiple independent but connected modules of network and internetwork equipment. Tree Topology - LAN topology similar to linear bus topology, except that tree networks can contain branches with multiple nodes. FC connectors should not be fiber optic slot in vibrating environments due to its threaded lock.

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Token Ring - A network protocol developed by IBM in which computers access the network through token-passing. SC connectors offer excellent packing density, and their push-pull design reduces the chance of fiber end face contact damage during connection; frequently found on the previous generation of corporate networking gear, using GBICs.

Workstation - A computer connected to a network at which users interact with software stored on the network. RJ - Standard connectors used for unshielded twisted-pair cable. In general, the insertion loss should not exceed 0. Connectors on polarization-maintaining fiber are sometimes marked with a blue strain relief boot or connector body, although this is far from a universal standard.

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Home routers can contain firewall, router, switching for cabled connectionsand a wireless access point. Logical topology is the method used to pass the information between workstations. Testing[ edit ] Glass fiber optic connector performance is affected both by the connector and by the glass fiber. It has the ability to carry more information over much longer distances.

FC connectors' floating ferrule provides good mechanical isolation. Nodes include any device attached to a network such as file servers, printers, or workstations.

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Twisted Pair - Network cabling that consists of four pairs of wires that are manufactured with the wires twisted to certain specifications. Sometimes a blue buffer tube is used on the fiber instead.

On tape, data is stored sequentially. Physical Topology - The physical layout of the network; how the cables are arranged; and how the computers are connected. There are two variations: Ports - A connection point for a cable.

Bit - Binary digit in the binary numbering system. On all connectors, cleaning the ceramic ferrule before each connection fiber optic slot prevent scratches and extends the connector life substantially. AUI Connector Attachment Unit Interface - A 15 pin connector found on Ethernet cards that can be used for attaching coaxial, fiber optic, or twisted pair cable.

Its function is to absorb signals on the line, thereby keeping them from bouncing back and being received again by the network.

Gigabit Ethernet - An Ethernet protocol that raises the transmission rates to 1 Gbps gigabits per second. Switch - A "intelligent" type of hub, in that it sends packets only to the intended ports, rather than all computers on the network. This is the access method used by Ethernet. According to Telcordia GR[15] a single-jointed connector assembly is a connector assembly where there is only one spot where two different fibers are joined together.

Byte - an 8-bit long binary value, which originally mapped to text character values between 0 and decimal. Also they are known as "Square Top" due to the flat end face.

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The smaller size allows twice the port density on a face plate than ST or SC connectors do. Our fiber inspection scopes are not only extremely fast but also easy to use. End User - Refers to the human executing applications on the workstation.

Other mnemonics include "Set and Twist", "Stab and Twist", and "Single Twist",[ citation needed ] referring to how it is inserted the cable is pushed into the receiver, and the outer barrel is twisted to lock it into place. Factory testing is sometimes statistical, for example, a process check.

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When retrieving data, the tape is searched from the beginning of tape until the data is found.