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But it is not our fault if the probity of the Leighton Showboat consortium comes under question. The group says its plan will capitalize on the eight million people who already visit the stadium district each year, as well as draw new gamblers from South Jersey. The principals expect the development to draw four million visitors annually. Hotel and Casino is a joint venture of Greenwood Racing, Inc.

Debbie Hawkins ran the American end of the bid. I think he has an obligation as a public official to do that. Mission accomplished, he headed home. So sometimes, while politicians may not do something blatantly illegal, it certainly begs whether or not it is ethical, whether it is proper, whether it is right. Rousell vigorously denied any wrong-doing. The development plans have been changed a number of times to suit the Government's requests.

It was the start of a long campaign of private investigations and public attack. And I am sure he was terribly frustrated.

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Baltimore-based Cordish operates multiple casinos and entertainment complexes across the country, including Xfinity Live! We have not been feeding him information or vice versa. His role was acknowledged when Richard Face told Parliament "Charles Shields has assisted me in a voluntary capacity for a number of years". The State Government has been negotiating with Mr Packer over the proposal for several years.

They wrote to the New South Wales Casino Control Authority to express serious concern and request assistance in their inquiries into how the report had got out. Tom Burton journalist and former government adviser: It operates the recently opened Maryland Live!

Their role is to ensure on-going access for Packer to the inner sanctum of the Labor party both in Canberra and in New South Wales. Kerry Packer and his son James put in irate phone calls to government ministers complaining in vigorous language about the decision. A 1,person music venue and rooftop party deck. The development will also be set back 30 metres from the harbour giving extra space for people to walk along the promenade at the western foreshore at the edge of the casino.

The principals envision Live! They met several times. Packer finally lost the case just last week but Showboat had long since stopped fighting. The police report which included highly sensitive information like confidential bank records was locked away in the files room where it should have stayed. New Orleans is a town of many charms that lure visitors by the millions.

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It won Government support inwith then-premier Barry O'Farrell declaring it would be restricted to high-rollers and "not be a full-blown casino" with poker machines. We are told that the Packer organisation had also hired a private investigator who made a separate trip to the United States.

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For whatever reason, those documents got out and they should not have gotten out. The debate over the kitchenaid single slot toaster was raging. Crown Sydney Initially, the development was proposed to be built on the water but that was revised so it would only be built on land.

Shields spent two weeks in the United States. The Packers kept the pressure on Showboat with a legal challenge that lasted more than two years, costing millions of dollars and going all the way to the High Court.

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Charles Shields made another trip to the United States. But the Louisiana police tells a different story. He may not be responsible as the person who took it from our file, but somebody took some of those documents from our file and made copies.

It was a reward for seven years of unpaid work for the Labor Party. GRI and Cordish Companies.

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Showboat and Leighton had won. So the question of the Louisiana Police on his role remain unanswered. A move that would have made the Sydney casino the most attractive for international high rollers in Australia.

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