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During these lengthy recording sessions, John would once again choose his Casino as his main electric guitar. A year later, Gibson introduced a stepped-down model with the same body shape but with a fully hollow body and single-coil pickups, called the ES The album was released in the UK on September 26, Pepper" recording sessions, Lennon also removed the stock Epiphone pick guard leaving the pick guard mounting bracket and screw on the guitar.

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I was turned on after that, and [bought] an Epiphone. A strap button was added to now-inverted upper treble bout.

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Additionally, older Casinos featured a degree as opposed to a degree headstock and a neck joint at the 16th as opposed to the 17th fret. Simply submit this form.

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Of all the guitars the Beatles made famous, the only one that John, Paul and George had in common was the Epiphone Casino. Another picture shows McCartney and Harrison examining the right-handed Casino, evidently discussing how they would alter the guitar so the left-handed McCartney could use it.

Each guitar is hand-numbered and a combined total of only 1, John Lennon Epiphone Casino's will be produced. However, epiphone casino solo the style [sic] body, which features a solid-center block, the Casino is completely hollow.

It too was stripped of color. The guitar was sanded down to the bare wood and finished with a very thin, dull coat of lacquer. McCartney continued to use the Epiphone on various over-dubs making the Casino a familiar guitar sound on many of the Beatles records.

Pictures taken of the Beatles in their dressing room during the Christmas shows in December of at the Hammersmith Odean Cinema in London show McCartney with his new early version sunburst Epiphone Casino with it's "Gibson" shaped head stock and Bigsby still strung right handed. This guitar served as Lennon's main guitar from then on, including the '66 tours, when I saw it at Shea Stadium.

This creates more string tension and when combined with the thin, hollow body produces a very unique sound - one that has become most associated with John Lennon and the Beatles. The most visual difference between the two almost identical guitars is that Harrison's Casino had a Bigsby and Lennon's Casino epiphone casino solo with the stock trapeze tailpiece.

Its six-pushbutton pickup selector system on the three-pickup Emperor was an arguable improvement over the six knobs Gibson used on its three-pickup ES-5, but in most areas of the market, Epiphone lagged behind Gibson. As John and Yoko had shed their clothes stripping naked for the album cover, it was around this time that Lennon had his Casino stripped down, removing the original factory finish as well as his own psychedelic paint job.

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This same photo session captured John Lennon playing McCartney's new instrument and was Lennon's first brush with the Casino. He can be reached at andy tonebendermusic.


On June 24,the Beatles embarked on their third world tour, which included stops in Germany, Japan, the Philippines and the United States. However, the re-finishing never took place. Throughout the film, John can be seen faithfully playing his beloved Casino. Pre-order before 9 a.

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It was from this point on that John chose the Epiphone Casino as his main electric guitar. The filming climaxes on January 30th with the Beatles celebrated performance on the London roof top of their Apple Corp.

McCartney, Harrison, and Lennon, in that order, each take a two-bar solo, cycling around three times.

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Gibson had been making thinline electric guitars since the Stathopoulos had never introduced a thinline Epiphoneand Gibson introduced the thinline double-cutaway, semi-hollow ES in After that it appeared on the "Revolution" video, at the Apple rooftop performance leftthe Live Peace in Toronto concert, and the Rock 'n' Roll Circus show, the only further change being the replacement of the stock Kluson tuning pegs with gold Grover tuners.

Epiphone ETD Casino hollow-body f-hole electric, sunburst finish, stock trapeze tailpiece ; Serial