Swtor costume slots,

BDO has a robust swtor costume slots system. That gear will then be bound to you as if you put it on. At the very least, most games class-lock their weapons.

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You do have to travel to a dye station located in most cities and larger towns to apply dyes. As mentioned, player only. Your stats will always come from what you have on the gear tab, not the appearance tabs.

SWTOR did an abysmal job with their after launch addition of dyes. Aside from different weapon types, it would be nice to have an alternate or "extra" weapon or two on certain characters.

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Some of them totally ruin otherwise nice looking outfits. Weapons, unlike armor, have additional effects sounds, visual effects, color crystal effects, and now tunings. Now you can go to tab 1, put in an armor set that looks super cool, and apply it.

Dye Stamps are one-time use three-color dyes that you can apply to one costume. I did post an suggestion on the PTR forums to give companions at least one slot each for this very reason. I can see me getting maybe 2 of these slots per character. They offer one version of costumes and either gender can wear it. Scorch So…if I pick some specific armor as my chest piece with this system, will every piece of chest armor I equip from then on have that appearance, but with their own stats?

It seems like most games average three-five of these invisible slots.

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What you get and more info here. Clearly this has been discussed many times in the forum, so I'm sure the studio is aware that players want the ability to have weapons added to the outfit panes. For visible slots, seven seems to be about average, which seems to work pretty well.

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Unoshi lol, how is this any different than now? They took their slot system and added a one or two-color dye module that you can add to each individual piece. The only bright spot in the system is the fact that you can color match any item to your chest piece. Yes it is independent of each outfit tab Unoshi oooh, totally missed the stream….

While SWTOR does have some looks that are only available from the in-game store, the vast majority of options are available from a variety of sources giving you multiple ways to obtain a specific look for your character.

Cost me something like a half-million credits to use a new pair of weapons on my mara. The furnishings preview is slightly better because you have a dark background, but you can only rotate an item on a horizontal-axis.

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ESO is an exception. Usually this will bring your character into greater focus, but it leaves whatever you happen to be standing in front it in the background. Once your time runs out, your dyed items revert to their normal colors.

Many solve this by having different slots for armor with stats and costumes where the costumes overwrite the appearance of the equipment.