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After the interrogation, Nick goes to a bar with co-workers and is taunted by Lieutenent Marty Nilsen, an internal affairs investigator bent on making life difficult for Nick. He also discovers that Catherine makes a habit of befriending murderers, including Hazel Dobkins, an elderly woman who stabbed her husband and children for no apparent reason.

Nick learns that Catherine has a troubled history: Beth Garner, with whom he has had an affair. She displays heavy antisocial features and traits. I have a degree in psychology, it goes with the turf Tramell claims that she manipulated Glass into committing all those murders for her own amusement.

Especially the subsequent encounters with the police, the powers that be. Michael Glass, who has conducted a court-ordered psychiatric exam and given testimony in her case. A jealous Roxy tries to run Nick over with Catherine's car, but after a car chase she is killed in a crash.

Tramell takes the man's hand and begins masturbating with it, all the while increasing her vehicle's speed. During a visit to her house, Catherine taunts Nick with information that should be confidential. Glass strongly suspects that Catherine Tramell is a sociopath incapable of telling the difference between right and wrong.

When Nick confronts Beth, she admits that she handed his file to Nilsen, who threatened to discharge Nick if he could not evaluate him directly.

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Tramell gives Glass a copy of the draft of her next novel, titled "The Analyst". She explains her reluctance to commit to him, but then the two make love. Nick, who accidentally shot two people while high on cocaine, attends counseling sessions with police psychologist Dr.

Catherine explains that she will base her next novel's character—a cop falling for the wrong woman only to be killed by her—on Nick, while at the same time he declares his love for her and his unchanged intention to nail her for Boz's murder.

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More murders begin to surface around Glass as his obsession with Tramell grows and his career tremmel casino life are threatened; eventually, he himself can no longer tell right from wrong. When rock star Johnny Boz is brutally stabbed to death with an ice pick during sex, homicide detective Nick Curran is sent to investigate. Glass suspects that Tramell committed the murder and is attempting to frame him for it.

I suspect the only limit for her would be her own death. Nilsen then suspends Nick, who goes home and spends the evening drinking.

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Beth visits him, but after a heated argument, he throws her out.