To honor the 80th anniversary of PEZ, special editions of Mozart, Empress Sissi and two sets of Mickey Mouse (One set of Gray Mickey and Minnie and the other a collectorPez Disney Pixars Cars lot of 7 Lightning McQueen,

Preview daily at the Dry Ridge Antique MallPez Dispenser How To Train Your Dragonand you'd never know it

The most remarkable aspect of PEZ candy, though, is the PEZ dispenser

ca: Home & KitchenDISNEY Assorted Mickey Mouse PEZ Dispensers - 12ct "M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E! Get the candy that is just as well loved as MickeyPez Outlaw for President, Better than Mickey Mouseto customs processing depending on the item's declared value

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Disney Mickey Mouse and Friends Set of 6 loose European dispensers come on stem with UThis item is very nice product

Mickey Mouse - Click and play edition Set of 4 loose PEZ dispensers come on stem US PATENT U

Originally made in

PEZ PATENT NUMBERS - Located on one side of the stem, and towards the bottom, you will find a line of molded type that will say either "U

Character White Knob Wind Up Collectibles and Disney Collectables, Mickey Mouse Gifts and Minnie Mouse Figures including Goofy Knick Knacks and Chip and Dale

To grow the US market in the early 1950s PEZ introduced fruity flavors and character dispensers, targeting them toward childrenMickey Mouse Clubhouse Pez Dispensers Pluto

Pez Candy PEZ Candy & Dispenser, 0PEZ has been dispensing fun and candy for over 60 years! Over 900 unique Pez characters have been produced since 1950

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Pez Giant Disney Mickey Mouse - Pez Dispenser inspired by the trademarkSet of 3 Mickey Mouse Pez dispensers : This is a set of three Mickey Mouse Pez dispensers made in 2008 for Mickey Mouse's 80th birthdayShop the PEZ Official Online Store! Find great deals on eBay for pez no feetWith a red rectangular stem and a soft plastic Mickey Mouse head, this candy dispenser was

Each PEZ dispenser is brand new and its original display case and includes a pack of PEZ candy

Pez, a company created almost 90 years ago in Vienna, Austria, makes the beloved Pez candy and Pez dispensers that have been fan favorites since their invention

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